Koonankoppalu school project

Koonankoppalu school project.

Project commencement: April 2008
Project ended: 2012

Smayate® took the project at Koonankoppalu (Malavalli district, Karnataka) to improve schooling experience and bring enthusiasm among children in the village. Prior to our engagement the school dropout rate was high and the village school didn’t have an efficient  teacher. We conducted weekend classes and established a library to start with.  The volunteers visited the school regularly and built a strong and positive rapport with the students and parents. Our team also volunteered in taking special classes for tenth grade students and prepared them for board examinations. We could also attract  lot of interest from students and drop outs towards the school by conducting fun and cultural events. Quarterly events were arranged to get the villagers and children closer to the school. This included sports day, school day,  environment day, health education and health checkup programs.  Smayate also appointed a full-time school teacher to have continued support which was regularly monitored. After engaging with people of Koonankoppalu for over 5 years, we could see a lot of improvement. Children were eager to go to school and learn, Villagers started volunteering towards school events and it slowly started to become a self-sustained environment. This is when we thought was the right time for Smayate to provide external support and slowly transfer responsibility to village youth. Now, we as a team are satisfied to see progress in Koonankopplu and surrounding schools. Smayate's work has motivated few more teams to work towards society and children's education.

Koonankoppalu village is about 120kms from Bangalore towards Mandya. There are about 3 villages nearby which have a lone school in Koonanakoppalu. This village has been allotted till Primary school level after which students have to further travel 4 kms to a nearby village for their middle and high school studies. There are around 40 students from 1st to 5th class and a single teacher to handle all subjects.

This school was introduced to Smayate by one of our members who happens to be a native of this village. He had to burn his midnight oil for years to pass the examinations. His determination to study and succeed in education has now landed him in a well known MNC in Bangalore. His motivation led Smayate to take up this project and work on this rural education so that his villagers realize their dream and make their journey smoother.


Major activities so far:

  • Establishment of Library: April 2008
    • Donated about 80 books regarding general health, better farming techniques and story books. Conducted sports day event for school children. Donated class room benches and text books

We took a step forward by starting of a mini library for the children and parents with around 80 books (1st stage) and little infrastructure to encourage them towards education. The initial step was encouraging, and the students responded to our efforts by attending the school regularly.   

  •   Conducting weekend classes: Since April 2008
    • Our active members/volunteers are going to the village and teaching subjects to the students every weekend.

Smayate members/volunteers have taken up the task of visiting the school every weekend and conduct classes for the primary, middle & High school students. We handle all academic subjects while special attention is being given to Mathematics and English. We are also contributing to the upliftment of the village by educating the villagers (all ages) regarding agriculture, health etc. We have identified few youth in the village who are volunteering with Smayate in our mission.

We organize quarterly events to motivate the children and their parents and educate them regarding the importance of studies for their bright future, make desks & benches, blackboards, Library & other basic facilities to encourage students to attend school regularly. 
We conducted Annual Sports Day at the school on 14th June 2008. We were honored to have Miss. Jenny Hurth, from Bosch Germany Ltd and Mr. Krishnappa, HeadMaster  of Chottanahalli school. The program included many athletic events like running, targeting the wicket, musical chair etc. This was the first time an event of this scale was organized for the school children which brought in lot of enthusiasm, motivation and likening towards the school. The winners were awarded with prizes at the end of event. Smayate donated the school with 5 pairs of bench and desks which was inaugurated in this program. 

  • Health Day5th October 2008 - Click here for photos.
    • Conducted health day in which 4 qualified doctors participated and performed dental and general health check-up for all the villagers.

We conducted Health Day at the school on 5th October 2008. The event was honored by Dr. Tarun (Dental surgeon), Dr. Lokesh(General physician), Dr. Nandini(General physician), Dr. Sadashiva Malavalli (General physician), Ms. Pratibha (Assistant Education Officer) and few senior employees of Bosch Ltd. The villagers were checked for dental and general ailments with a provision of  free medicines. Smayate member, Mr. Shiva later presented a seminar on general health, ill effects of smoking, tobacco chewing and alcohol consumption. The students were also given a free set of toothbrush, toothpaste and toothbrush-stand.  

  • Personality Development: 7th Dec - 14th Dec 2008 

Mr. Muni Reddy of RSVK (Rishi Samskruti Vidy Kendra) conducted a 8 days personality development program for around 44 students from class 5th to 10th. Through this program students learnt Pranayama, Meditation, a few classes on improving leadership qualities and health awareness.

  • Appointed a full time teacher Since January 2009

We have appointed Mr. Muthu Raj, a qualified TCH trained teacher as full time teacher for the school by giving him good renumeration.

  • 100% pass percentage in SSLC examination in one year!!! April 2009
    • Six students who appeared for the SSLC (10th standard) examination passed with flying colours. Such a thing to happen in just one year of our commitment to the project is very satisfying.

The SSLC results for the year 2009 is very satisfying. All the six students who appeared for the 10th standard examination passed with flying colours. The names of students are: Nandini, Naveen, Umesh, Nagraj, Prabhu and Nagarathna. The photos of these students will be displayed soon!

  • School day function: 4th of July, 2009 - Click here for photos.
    • It was a very memorable day for all the volunteers, students and villagers participating in the school day function. Students participated in dances, skits, singing and other cultural activities. Participants of all events were awarded certificates. We gave every student note books and stationery. The students who passed SSLC were given cash rewards to support their further studies. Sasken donated a few computers to the school.  
 A many thanks to all the new volunteers who attended the function - Sagar, Basavaraj, Krupakar, Pramod, Naveen, Manjunath, Mounesh, Sagin, Muniraj, Vijay, Preethi D Prabhu, Santhosh, and Vasantha.  
  • Environment day: 14th Nov, 2009 - Click here for photos.
    • This program intended to create environmental awareness among the students and villagers, especially related to topics regarding cleanliness, healthy food habits,growing medicinal plants which benefit indirectly as food supplies and plastic disposal methods leading to a Plastic free zone in the near future. We had two major events on the programs agenda, "Grow with the plant" concept and the other "Plastic free zone". "Grow with the plant" was a concept conceived to motivate the students towards the environment in a emotional way by letting them grow with the plant they own. We presented each student with 2 drumstick saplings on this day, all of them planting the saplings in front of the volunteers in their surrounding pledging to take care of them in whatsoever conditions. To start of the concept of "Plastic free zone" we installed 3 dustbins around this village as plastic disposal bins with message boards conveying this message. Smayate volunteers along with the villagers and students clearer bushes and picked up the plastic to set an example for the people around. We presented with slides showing pictures and videos on the importance of 'Greenery' and reminded them of their responsibilities in keeping their surroundings 'Clean and Green'. Students participated in skits to educate the villagers about the importance of safeguarding the environment. 
  • Navodaya coaching classes: Ongoing
    • The objective of this initiative is to train students to appear for Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya entrance examination. JNV is a Government of India initiative to provide good quality modern education to the children predominantly from rural areas, without regard to their family's socio-economic condition. They offer free education to all students who get selected through the admission process which includes an All India Entrance Exam, held at district level. Navodaya coaching classes are held daily at Koonankoppalu school with one session per day for 4th and 5th standard students. We have our in-house teacher Mr. Mutturaju coaching them. We have provided them all the necessary books and material. Donated two Emergency electric lamps to the school to felicitate students attending the tuitions.
  • SSLC Examination preparation: Ongoing
    • We are providing all kinds of support for students who are appearing for SSLC examination for every year. We have appointed a special part time teacher to help them crack the exams by providing a crash course for 3 months. We have also provided them all the study material and question banks.
  • Independence Day 2010 celebrations: 15h Aug 2010 - Click here for photos.
    • We had Independence day celebrations at Koonankoppalu school. Some cultural activities like skits and singing competion were held. We distributed books and stationary to all students.
  • Republic day celebrations 2011:  26th Jan, 2011 - Click here for photos.
    • Conducted sports day competitions and Science exhibition at Manchinahalli school. Students from Koonanakoppalu and Manchinahalli school participated in this event. Sporting events were conducted during the first half of the day which brought a lot of enthusiasm among the students. Prizes were distributed for all the winners. Sceince exhibition was conducted during the second half of the day. Many teams participated in this event from both schools. Each team had 2 students and they brought their experiments with them to display. Students exhibited and explained many educative experiments to Smayate volunteers and other students. Smayate volunteers judged the presentations and awarded prizes.
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