Denkinikote school project

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The project was to distribute school uniforms and chocolates to poor students of a dilapidated school of Gudiyur(TN).

Project commencement: August 15th 2006.

Status: Conducted every year on Independence day.

Gudiyur, a small tribal village in proximity to Denkanikota, Tamil Nadu and is about two hours drive from Bangalore. This village is situated on a mountain and most of the families here are migrated tribals. This village has a school with around 35 children but in a very bad shape. Students lack basic facilities like class rooms, books and clothes. This school was identified by one of our members who had visited a temple situated on the village's hill. We undertook a project on this school to distribute uniforms, stationary and chocolates to poor students. Mr. Chikanna took the initiation and managed the project. 


Smayate members will be conducting the event again this year on Aug15th 2009.

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